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An old, not really updated list of new FRED features for FreeSpace SCP.

Beam Free All by Default mission flag

It is now possible to beam free all ships by default through the mission specs editor. When using this, remember to beam-lock any ships not supposed to use beams.

Mission Loading Screen

You can now set an image to be used as a loading screen in the mission specs editor, which will then be shown while the mission loads. There are two fields, one for a 1024*768 image and one for a 640*480 image, both should be supplied to cover both standard resolutions.

No Briefing/Debriefing mission flags

Missions can now be set to have no briefing or debriefing through the mission specs editor.

Set Player Ship

The player ship is no longer restricted to being Alpha 1, but can be set through the ships editor.

Toggle cargo scanning

The "toggle subsystem scanning" box essentially means "turn subsystem scanning behavior on if it's normally off, and off if it's normally on", but that was too much text to fit in the checkbox.

The default FS2 behavior is to scan the entire ship at once for corvettes and below, and to scan the subsystems of capital ships. If a ship has that box checked, then the behavior changes to scan the subsystems for corvettes and below, and to scan the entire ship at once for capital ships.

For scan-the-entire-ship-at-once behavior, subsystems cannot be scanned, whether a subsystem has cargo or not. Likewise, for scan-subsystems behavior, the ship cannot be scanned, whether the ship has cargo or not.