Mouse jumping to bottom right corner

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Mouse jumps to bottom right corner
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You start the game and as soon as you move the mouse, it jumps to the bottom right corner. And it keeps jumping back to the bottom right corner, when you move the mouse.
This has something to do with an error of the mouse rendering in SDL (a standard C++ library for a sorts of media). This is easily fixed by running the following command on the terminal you are using to start fs2_open


It is also possible to add this to your startup script of your shell, so you don't have to think about it when you want to play FreeSpace. This would be:

  • ~/.bashrc when you are using Bash
  • ~/.zshrc (when you are using ZSH)

if you are using a different shell, I'm pretty sure you have a file which does the same thing.

This is the topic on HLP where the solution for this problem was found.