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  • Question: How many players does FreeSpace Open allow in multiplayer games?
    • Answer: Up to 12 human participants, plus any number of AI players.

  • Question: Is work being done on increasing this number?
    • Answer: Not currently. It is not an easy task, and there are more important things that need doing first. It may happen some day, though.

  • Question: What multiplayer modes are available?
    • Answer: Coop, Team vs Team and Dogfight modes are available. As for mission variety, this is entirely up to the mission designer and can go well beyond simple fighting.

  • Question: Can we play campaigns in multiplayer?
    • Answer: Yes. Campaigns that are set up for multiplayer will show up in the campaigns page of the game creation screen.

  • Question: Can we use mods in multiplayer?
    • Answer: Yes. But stats will not be saved on FS2NetD unless the mod has been validated for online play. See the list of validated mods/total conversions here.

  • Question: Is there a way to send messages only to your own team or to a specific player when in the lobby or the briefing screen?
    • Answer: Yes. If you begin a message with "/F:", it sends the message only to friendly team members, if you begin it with "/H:", the message will be sent to hostile team members only, and if you begin it with "/playername:" only that player will receive it. NOTE: This feature is currently in testing and will not work on all builds.