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These are a few dos and don'ts of FreeSpace online gaming.

Joining Games

In-game joining is not currently possible in FreeSpace Open, but people in-game are still notified of any unsuccessful join attempts. For that reason, when you want to join a game, there are a few rules of thumb that are worth keeping in mind:

  • If the game is in the Forming stage, it is fair game. Join if you want to. Note, however, that it may already be filled to capacity in which case you may only be able to join as an observer.
  • If the game is in the Briefing stage, try joining once and then wait. If the participants the game are willing to restart and let you in before starting the mission, they will do so. If they don't wait for the game to finish and join while it is in the Forming stage.
  • If the game is in the Playing stage, do not try to join. The mission is already in progress, and it would only be a distraction (and possibly a fatal one) for them if a message pops up saying that you tried to join the game. Instead, wait for the mission to finish and join while it is in the Forming stage.
  • Above all, never spam join requests. This is extremely annoying to those on the receiving end, and will most likely have the exact opposite effect from convincing them to let you join earlier.

Hosting Games

  • Password Protection: While the option to password protect a game exists, this should not be used. If you want to play a private game, use Direct IP connection instead as that will keep your game from showing up in the FS2NetD game lobby and in turn frustrating other people as they try to join but are refused. The password protection is intended solely for development purposes, such as bugtesting and evaluation of new features which can cause problems for anyone who joins without knowing the consequences, but where using the FS2NetD platform is needed. Because of this, the feature may be restricted to Debug builds at some point in the future.


Don't cheat. Every hour that the SCP team devotes to stiffening firewalls and fixing exploits is an hour less that can be spent improving the game.

Depending on server rules, lag bombing, tab loading, or carrying fish (Piranhas) fire (Infyrnos), or EMP missiles may be considered cheating. See multiplayer lingo for definitions of these terms.