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<30/3/2017> Two updates in less than 3 months! That's cheetah fast by FL standards. You can grab our newest released ship, the PVFg Cleopatra here. While you're there, you can also read a quick update on the campaign's progress.
<30/3/2017> I am bad at keeping this page updated, but we've just released a new FL ship, the GTFg Jupiter. You can check it out here!
<9/5/2014> Frontlines 2334 and 2335 have been released! See the release thread here!
<5/2/2014> Work is continuing on the 2334 minicampaign. Current progress estimates At present, six missions would be classed as complete or nearly complete, and two more have been started, with decent progress in both cases. There's the possibility of an additional mission being added, though this is time dependant. There's been a poll on the HLP forums to discuss which FS1 fighter people would most like to see make a cameo in the minicampaign, and the winner (by a sizable margin) was the GTF Valkyrie, followed by the GTF Hercules. Keep a sharp eye out for one of these ships to appear in 2334. One other recent development is the addition of a second new Vasudan station to the modpack - tentatively titled the PVI Giza. You can see a WiP in the window above.
One final piece of news - I've finally gotten around to creating some Vasudan head anis as part of a deal with Mjn.Mixael - I provide the anis, and he'll provide a top-quality in-mission cutscene to demostrate a pivotal moment during the battle for Deneb. Given my weakness in this area, it's great to have the assistance of the member of the forums who probably knows cutscenes best.

<8/11/2013> Okay, so a long, long time without any updates - but things are actually looking right up! Beta testing is just about to begin on the first five missions for Frontlines 2334, with the rest coming along pretty well (I'm anticipating another one done in the next day or two, and the rest not much longer after that. There's also been a bunch of models released (including the PVCa Ramses, which you can see in the window above) and all sorts of things I should have been updating about on here. Oh well. I'll do better from now on! Check out the new additions to this section of the wiki for further details.

<23/01/2010> Been awhile (bang on a month actually) since I last posted anything, so I thought I'd throw up a quick image of some of the weapons you'll be using in 2322. Obviously, these are tech models, the ingame missiles are lower poly. Also, WiP Herakles textures posted in the modding forum.

<23/12/2010> Been posting some WiP images and models for the GTF Herakles and some of the atmospheric probs for a planned Vasudan colony assault. Check the modding forum if you want to look/DL..

<19/12/2010> I'm finally back in front of my Freespace computer after two months of work and holidays. I spent some of those two months designing FL missions (in Word rather than FRED, sadly)m so I'm keen to start converting them to reality. Making a few changes to the shipset as well, and working on some Vasudan buildings for Mission 3... or possibly 4, of campaign 1. Watch this space - I'm going to be as active as I can be over the next two weeks, and that'll hopefully result in some new news and progress updates.

<10/10/2010> Back into FREDding, I reckon I can have 2 missions finished, ready for Beta by the end of the evening. This is good.

[EDIT]Well, Not quite. But the first mission is now officially done, and the third mission is probably 75% finished as well. So things are moving along pretty well.

<13/07/2010> OK, second news Item. I've just about completed another mod, the Stalker class probe, AKA "Miss Muffet" (It'll make sense, don't worry). Look out for screenies in the tech room and a release in the not too distant, before the first campaign (I just need to do up some shine maps). Also, I'll be making a few changes to the site here, I'll add some intel fluff on the Terrans and Vasudans in 2322, and give a bit of an idea of the state of their technology, and of the war. A few other bits and bobs will change too, but nothing major. In addition, I spent the evenings over my last 2 week stint at work designing mission outlines for all the Frontlines minicampaigns, so the basic plot points have now been settled. I'll most likely spend my next stint doing scripts for campaign 1, which'll make the actual FREDding much quicker. So, in keeping with the idea of short development times that I want to keep at the core of the project, I'm still moving towards release in a timely fashion, although admittedly, it's early days yet.

<23/06/2010> Welcome to the Frontlines wiki page. As yet, the project remains officially unofficial. A proper launch may come in the next several weeks, more likely I'll keep it semi-quiet until release of the first campaign. Feel free to have a look around my little area of the Wiki though - I'm pretty happy with the way it all seems to have turned out, especially since this means I don't have to learn HTML for a website. All the buttons work on the right of the text over there.
I'm hoping to have all this properly up and running by the end of the week. As it stands only the tech room is properly finished. Still need to add some screenies, and a bunch more general pages, so check back soon.