Olympus Burning

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Team Members:

  • sigtau - Mission designer and story consultant
  • Zemious - voice actor
  • The Satellite - voice actor
  • Darkblade - voice actor
  • Animus01 - voice actor
  • General Battuta - writing consultant
  • FoxtrotTango - story consultant

Status: In development; demo release date not confirmed

Mods: Voice acting; lots of new ships, FS1 ships as well


The search to return to Sol goes awry when a superpowered Orion breaks into GTVA front lines and wreaks havoc onto Allied forces, under the direction of the son of the man who stole the Avenger prototype: Admiral Alexander McCarthy, Jr.

McCarthy was planning a conspiracy against the Alliance since they first tried his father... using the enigma that is Project Olympus.