Operation: Cloak and Dagger

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Operation: Cloak and Dagger is a small mod made by Strygon. It was released on December 31st 2018. The mod was originally supposed to be anime-styled, like Dimensional Eclipse and Wings of Dawn, but due to time constraints, the anime style was dropped.

General Info

Author: Strygon

Although Strygon is the only actual member of the Development Team, the mod also received contributions from bomb3rman (New Mainhall) and from Nyctaeus (Fixing some of the models)

Missions: 6


  • A fresh new universe
  • New ships and weapons
  • Highly varied missions

Status: Released


  • MediaVPs, 3.8.1
  • FSO, 3.8.1
  • A decent computer


You play as Scorpion 3, an unnamed pilot in the 23rd Scorpions Anti-Piracy Unit of the Allied Defense Forces. Operation Cloak and Dagger, the titular combat campaign, was initiated to take down the Legion of Dragons, a powerful pirate faction that holds control over most of the piracy in Solar territory.

Spearheading the operation, Scorpion Wing must systematically damage the Legion through sabotage, espionage and deception, until a final blow can be delivered. But make no mistake, the Legion isn't the strongest of the pirates for no reason.


Ship Database: <Under Construction>

Weapons Database: <Under Construction>

Factions Database: <Under Construction>

Player Comments

Release Thread