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All information related to the PB Sepulture is non-canon.
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PB Sepuelture


Nukemod Tech Room Description

The Sepulture bomber is based off of a civilian pleasure craft, its spacious living quarters in the secondary fuselage was gutted and replaced with a helvette gatling gun. Its wings were chopped and stripped of its atmoshpereic flight components so that it could be strengthened to carry underslung warheads. The wingtip cargo canisters which civilians would normally store their luggage have been fitted with gatling gun mounts, and can brandish either a Heimdallr or an Asgard cannon. The 'chop job' makes this craft apear structurally weak, however with its thick armor plate and dence shields, it makes a formidable if not hi tech bomber.

Credits List

  • Model by Nuke



Type Bomb Raider
Manufacturer Death Cult Pirates
Maneuverability Poor
Max Velocity 60.0 - 75.0 mps
Max Afterburner Velocity 100.0 mps
Armor Heavy
Hitpoints 500
Shields 650
Length 29 m


Default Statistics
Bank Guns Capacity Standard Loadout
1st 1 420 Helvete
2nd 1 360 Asgard
3rd 1 360 Asgard
Compatible Primaries
Helvete, Asgard, Heimdallr

Default Statistics
Bank Capacity Standard Loadout
1st 50 Stinger
2nd 50 Shark
2nd 140 Little Boy
Compatible Secondaries
Tempest, MX-64 Rockeye, Harpoon, Tornado, EMP Adv., Trebuchet, Helios, Infyrno, Piranha, Stiletto II, Stinger, Shark, Little Boy

Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
Slayer PDC 1

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