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All information related to the PSB Golem is non-canon.
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The PSB Golem


Tech Room Description

The Golem strike bomber is a unique design in that nobody can say with any certainty who designed the vessel, nor when it first appeared on the battlefield. They have been prevalent in small scale conflicts and criminal actions in Epsilon Pegasi for a number of years, however, and they appear to post date Operation Ragnarok, making a link with the arms dealers of that period unlikely. Wherever they come from, they have become quite a thorn in the side of Alliance forces in EP, providing the Survivors, and a few other, smaller groups with considerably more firepower than they ought to have. Though incapable of matching Alliance bombers in any significant category, if combined with a Harpy gunship or two, a wing of Bombers presents a serious threat to local shipping. Ownership of these vessels is prohibited under the Arms Control Act and thus their elimination, under any circumstances, is considered a beta level priority.


  • Model and textures by Black Wolf

Designer's Comments



Name PSB Golem
Length 25.54 m
Width 7.53 m
Height 3.88 m
Primary weapons
1st bank 2 guns
Secondary weapons
1st bank capacity 40
2nd bank capacity 60


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