PVCv Pnepheros

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All information related to the PVCv Pnepheros is non-canon.
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Original PVCv/GVCv Pnepheros
Reworked PVCv/GVCv Pnepheros


Tech Room Description


  • Original texture by by Oddgrim
  • Model and Texture by Nyctaeus
  • Reworked version by Nyctaeus, turret models by Oddgrim

Designer's Comments

A kitbashed vasudan corvette actually based on lowpoly Sobek, then flavoured by Oddgrim's maps of Bast and recolored Isis. Lowcost modelling with acceptable effect. I designed it for FS1-like settings in mind, but surprisingly fits well to post-Capella as well.

Remodelled in 2023 as subdivision practice, then textured and completed in 2024.



Width 335.19 m
Height 428.91 m
Length 859.28 m
Turrets 27
Fighterbays 1


Veteran Comments

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A heavy brother of Sobek with small hangarbay. Equipped with 3 main turrets and 3 torpedo launchers of 260-degree angle of fire. Original textures of Bast and Isis actually still fits to UVs.

HTL version has different, Warmachine-style turret names but turret layout is otherwise identical.

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