PVD Hope

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PVD Hope
Class: PVD Typhon
First Appearance: Last Hope
In Service: Great War
Faction: Parliamentary Vasudan Navy
Fate: Survives (dependent on player)

The "most beloved destroyer of the Vasudan people", the PVD Hope fought against the Shivans in the Great War. FreeSpace 1 presents two versions of the Hope's history. The main campaign only mentions the Hope once; it jumps to Beta Aquilae after an intense battle in Antares and is attacked by two Shivan cruisers and several waves of bombers. By contrast, an FS1 multiplayer coop campaign portrays the Hope's fighters performing the same role that the single-player Terran did in Exodus, Last Hope, and A Failure to Communicate.

Some FreeSpace community members claim that the Typhon seen in the FS2 intro is the Hope, although Volition has not confirmed this.