PVFg Cleopatra

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All information related to the PVFg Cleopatra is non-canon.
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The PVFg Cleopatra was a Vasudan patrol vessel from the early Vasudan fleet during the Terran-Vasudan War. It carried a very small complement of fighters.

PVFg Cleopatra
Underside with fighterbay and engine area visible.


PVFg Cleopatra Tech Room Description

The Cleopatra is a Vasudan patrol vessel, comparable to our own Jupiter class frigate, apparently designed for long term independent operations. Although roughly the same size as the Neith cruiser, the Cleopatra is considerably smaller in terms of internal volume, and its weapons are optimised for anti fighter defences, resulting in its classification as a Class B threat.

Its small fighterbay is an anomaly among Vasudan vessels – considerably smaller than any other yet encountered. Terran intelligence believes that it could not practically hold more than four fighters at any one time, and field evidence suggests that a more typical complement is half that number, with the sparse remaining space likely reserved for small transports and shuttles.


  • Model by Axem
  • Texture and Conversion by Black Wolf

Designer's Comments



Type Patrol Frigate
Max Velocity 25
Hitpoints 25 500
Width 125 m
Height 74 m
Length 342 m
Turrets 8
Fighterbays 1
Fighter complement 2


PVFg Cleopatra
Turret Type Amount
Vasudan Uber Turret 1
Vasudan Turret 3
Vasudan Turret Weak 4


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