Pandora's Box (FS1)

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Fighter squadron:


Welcome to the GTD Bastion. The Bastion is on a special ops mission to investigate and acquire Shivan technology.
This includes weaponry, shielding, and stealth technology. Intelligence has determined that at least one point of entry into our space lies in the Ikeya system.
At least five cargo depots of unknown origin have been located in Ikeya. These cargo formations are different than any Vasudan or Terran formation, and are believed to belong to the Shivans.
Reconnaissance indicates that the depot is protected by six sentry guns on the outer edges. This depot provides a prime opportunity to gather more information about the Shivans. Their offensive activity in this system is at a minimum and we do not believe they will make a serious attempt to defend this depot.
Long range scanners indicate that some of these cargo containers contain unusual electronics. They appear similar to those used to give the Shivans their shielding technology. A short range scan of these containers is the primary objective in this operation.
Further reconnaissance indicates another container group may contain parts for a Shivan sensor array. A short range scan of this group should provide crucial data needed to adjust ship sensors to attain radar lock on Shivan fighters. Scanning these containers is your secondary objective.
You will jump in approximately six kilometers from the cargo depot. Proceed to the cargo depot quickly, and eliminate all sentry guns. This will enable our freighters to collect the cargo after you have scanned it.


When you enter the mission, your wingmen and Command will chat. Head toward the cargo depot. A Dragon-class fighter will jump in and quickly jump out. Continue toward the depot. Another Dragon will enter and exit quickly. When you get reasonably close to the cargo, some of the cargo containers will begin to explode. When the fireworks is done, there will only be six left when there was 36 to begin with. This will trigger the arrival of three wings of Shivans (2 Manticore and 1 Scorpion) and the Taranis cruiser. The Taranis is invulnerable, so you can't eliminate it. Don't waste your time attacking it as it has one wing of Manticores guarding it. Command will order you to scan the remaining cargo.

Scan the remaining cargo. 2 will have nothing and 4 will have Sensor Arrays. Then you may proceed to jump out. Your wingmen are quite capable of holding off the Shivans until you are done. Don't give them orders, otherwise they will die very quickly.


Again, as with almost all non-targetable ships, you can actually target the elusive foe by targeting one of your wingmen and then pressing 'J' (target my target's target). Don't waste your time taking down the Shivan ships, though. It can be done, although you will not be awarded in any way for the heroic deed, other than an inflated ego, of course. The other thing that'll discourage you from eliminating all the Shivan ships is that Arjuna consists of 100 wings. That's 400 Manticores right there. Don't bother.

Notable ships present

  • SC Taranis