Police Action

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  • Ngtm1r: Storyline, FREDding, playtesting, table hacking.
  • karajorma: Orion nameplates

Mods included:

  • Chapter 1: MadBomber's upgunned Aten (Aten Mark II), Trashman's CivL Splendid (CSL Splendid) GTI Haven (CI Haven) and GTI Whitehall, two new Orion nameplates, various table hacks. Chapter 2: TBD.

Number of Missions: Chapter 1: 15, Chapter 2: 15-ish


Sequel to Cleaning Crew. Five months after the last of the Shivan forces in GTVA space were mopped up, things have started to settle down and the GTVA is pulling itself back together. The Vega system is coping well, and things are looking up.

And then less obvious effects of the Battle of Capella catch up to the GTVA. Pirates are operating more freely with the GTVA's naval presence vastly reduced, and are becoming a serious problem. The last NTF battlegroup is raising hell next door in Deneb. And amongst the Vasudans, there are discontent voices...and rumblings of something big and nasty coming...