The Procyon Insurgency

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The Procyon Insurgency

Latest Version 1.05 (08/07/14)

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the following storylines: The Procyon Insurgency

Note that some weapons are much more powerful in this mod.

The Procyon Insurgency (PI) is a classic campaign for FreeSpace 2 released in 2007. The story begins in the year 2368, 18 months after the end of the main FreeSpace 2 story. As a new Vasudan pilot recently recruited into the ranks of the GTVA, you are assigned to the crew of the GVD Sekham in Polaris as the Alliance fights back against an insurgent separatist regime and discovers much greater forces at play.


Status: Released

Release Date: 27/04/07

Mods Required: FS2_Open 3.7.2 or later and 2014 Media VPs (v1.05)


  • CP5670 - Creator

Campaign Description

Political instability and economic depression in two border systems resulted in their regional governments, led by a charismatic demagogue, declaring full independence from the GTVA in 2368. Now, a year later, a surprise incursion by this regime signals the beginning of a new war. As a new Vasudan pilot recruited into the ranks of the GTVA, you are assigned to the crew of the GVD Sekham in Polaris as the Alliance attempts to eradicate the rapidly propagating Procyon Confederal Autonomy.


Player Comments

This is a good length high-quality campaign, with thick plot, challenging missions, and a good deal of originality. Warning, however: if you don't like replaying missions, stay on the lower difficulty levels.

Great campaign, extremely well balanced (but significantly harder than Volition campaigns), well designed and original missions, compelling and involving plotline. Volition quality. One of the few campaigns anyone looking for Volition-quality campaign should do. Really a pity it is not voiced, though. Narwhal

This is an exceptional campaign, and one of the few that those looking for Volition quality campaign should play. It has well designed and original missions, and a compelling plotline, I especially like the new anti-fighter cannons, and how every turret (even the Terran Turret) is now an effective anti-fighter weapon. However, one thing that does bug me is that the Maxim has been neutered. (it now sprays bullets randomly if used from a distance.) It is obvious that the mission designer tried to balance this weapon out however, it would have been better if they had just decreased its range. All in all a good campaign, but I hate what they did with the Maxim. MastaRyan

A very decent campaign, in my opinion probably matching up with Derelict! Each mission is epic, with a lot of action and drama at the same time. It is compelled with information that only an imaginative person can forge. This is one of, if not, the most exciting campaign I've ever played, since it creams a lot on mystery and suspense. Just a couple of suggestions; I kind of expected more mission chatters, and the huge warships you had to deal with in the campaign was quite difficult; however, it just adds to the thrill. If you're a newbie, I suggest fighting those vessels at a rather easy difficulty. Marcov

A damn good, and legitimately challenging campaign with lengthy, 10 to 30 minute long missions (including moments when I wanted to throw my joystick to the screeen) to say the least. Despite the lack of voice acting, almost every mission feels very immersive like Half-Life. Plot twists and turns add to the completely unexpected factor. Just a word of advice: be familiar with Vasudan craft (as in play through the Vasudan segment of FS2 at least twice on Medium, and maybe once on Hard), because even on Easy and above, expect to die a lot. My only complaint is how the original FS2 weapons were handled (Kayser revision looking like Lamprey shots? *barf*). - Black Yoshi

I feel like the above comments are underplaying the "challenge". If you don't enjoy repeatedly replaying long missions because you died or failed this really just isn't the campaign for you, and don't let others sneer at you because "it's easy you just suck". Phantom Hoover 23:25, 3 October 2012 (UTC)

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