Prophecy Engagement

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Mod Info
Prophecy Engagement Campaign Walkthrough

The Prophecy Engagement is a campaign that tells the story of the Bastion between the final battle with the Lucifer. The plot line is parallel to that of Silent Threat: Reborn, covering the difficult exit of Delta Serpentis, the Bastion's role in eradicating the Shivans, and the sinister reasons for the arrival of the GTD Prophecy in Delta Serpentis.


Status: Work in progress

Release Date: Christmas 2011

Mods Required: Version 3.2 of the FreeSpace Port


Campaign Description

Shortly before Alpha 1 entered the Sol jumpnode in the final battle against the Lucifer, A Hammer of Light destroyer, the GTD Prophecy, attempted to blockade the node and ensure Earths destruction. Then things start to happen.