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  • Author: SabrWolf
  • Latest version: 0.3b
  • Release date: 2005

Quick VP is a program that allows the creation, editing and extraction of *.VP files. It features, among other things, an interface reminiscent of Windows Explorer or Winzip, which makes it easy to use to create, modify, and extract files and directories to and from any VP files.

QuickVP consists of a single .exe file that can be run from anywhere, regardless of the location of your FreeSpace folder.

Veteran comments

  • It's a simplistic program with a WinZIP-like interface. Two known bugs spring to mind: 1) Though it can be associated with .vp files in Windows, double clicking a .vp file will only open the program, and you have to open the archive through the traditional Load --> Many, many clicks --> double click on the .vp you want to open. 2) Sometimes trying to extract a single file using click-and-drag extracts the whole folder.


Most sites dedicated to FreeSpace modding carry the Quick VP tool, below are some links