Rain on Ribos 4

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Author: Orph3u5

Status: Released on July 19, 2007


1. Extract the the folder from the zip file into your FreeSpace 2 SCP directory
2. Select RainOnRibos4 as mod in the launcher and play!


At 0300 hours on the 11th February 2335 the SD Lucifer jumped into the Ribos System and anihilated Tombaugh Station...
What you did not know are events which surround this story of the Great War. Now they will be told.


A great campaign by Orph3u5. It is quite hard but the story line solves the great mystery of the downfall of Tombaugh Station...

A sequel named "Crossing Styx"/"Operation: Home Visit" was planned (as the credits state) but was never realized. - Orph3u5

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