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Status: Released

Release Date: March 24, 2010

Mods Required: None

Campaign Description

Alpha 1, after making it to the node just in time, is reassigned along with the rest of his squadron to the GTD Kiev, last of the great Orion destroyers. The few remaining Blue Lions are infused into the 128th Nightshades squadron.

Despite his experience fighting the NTF and Shivans, his adventure has just begun. He will be flung far beyond the mundane tasks of mopping up Shivans and fighting piracy, into a world of corruption, rebellion, and dark cosmic mystery....

Player Comments

The campaign was criticized for a number of asset-related technicalities, the absence of mission directives, and for the fact that the campaign always lets the player proceed, notwithstanding the actual mission's outcome.

I'm sure I'm a rare breed to say it, but absent directives didn't impede my walkthrough. Surely there were times when I wasn't quite sure what to do, but had there been any clarifying messages, I would have. Most of the times, however, I was aware what my standing orders were. After stupidly walking into a wall of AAA beams twice in the same mission, I learned that warship vs. warship combat required little interference from the part of the player, as it turned out to be universally applicable, with the exception of (IIRC) one mission.
As far as "real" bugs are concerned, there are many throughout. A lot of them are smaller oversights, but there are some serious ones as well, unfortunately. The last but three and the last missions are flat-out broken, so I opened the missions in FRED to see how the campaign ends. On the plus side, the middle-part of the campaign was relatively solid. I saw few serious bugs, and whatever loadout I chose, I could complete the missions. I had good fun with the majority of the campaign; it's too bad about the ending. The missions tend to be long, but it's fine in my book if the missions are easy, and Relentless isn't a difficult campaign.
I wouldn't like to rate the campaign using the customary x/10 rating system, for two reasons. First, no single number could adequately sum up my feelings about the campaign. Second, most who will read this comment have played the campaign already. - TopAce 21:54, 22 July 2011 (UTC)

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