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    Repair Subystem (Action operator)
    Increases the specified subsystem integrity by the specified percentage.If the percntage strength of the subsystem
    (after completion) is greater than 100%,subsystem strength is set to 100%.

    Takes 4 arguments...
    1: Name of ship subsystem is on.
    2: Name of subsystem to repair.
    3: Percentage to increase subsystem integrity by.
    4: Repair turret submodel. Optional argument that defaults to true.


  • You can use this SEXP to repair the hull as well as any subsystems. Using a repeating event, it is possible to make a ship continually regenerate hull strength as the mission progresses, even as it takes damage.
  • Turrets that had been destroyed before being repaired will no longer operate, but their hull integrity will be displayed as 100%.