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Ridiculous is a parody for FreeSpace 2


Author: IronBeer

Originally posted: 11/10/2010


-Full voice acting, including 3 new pilot personas

-Several unique music tracks

-A couple unique head .anis

-Some (non-unique) custom ships

-Some new weapons. You might even get to use one or two!

Missions: 9


A few years after the Second Shivan Incursion, a recon and exploration team flying off of the GVD Minotaur stumble across something that will forever alter the future of the Alliance. Get drawn into something far beyond hope of control and face down some of the roughest odds this side of Gamma Draconis.


Long story short, I had to dislike this. The story was just not good enough. Why am I talking about story in a parody campaign, you might ask? It is because the gameplay was BAAAAD. In my opinion, one can divide a FreeSpace campaign (or a computer game in general) experience in two major segments: story and gameplay. Of course, these groups could be divided even further, for instance atmosphere and characters or controls and mission design comes to my mind instantly, but that is not the point of this comment. I believe that – to a certain extent, that is – if one of these major segments fail to deliver properly, the other can make up for it (your mileage will probably vary on this one, but Deadly Premonition comes to my mind as an example for a game where the story makes up for the bad gameplay). In the case of Ridiculous, the gameplay is bad. That is the reason I’ve had such high standards for the plot and basically – it had to made up for the neverending dogfights that reminded me of Second Great War Part 2. The basic idea is good, but the delivery was botched and all in all, I must call Ridiculous a wasted opportunity, solely based on the gameplay – with more enjoyable missions, the story would have been solid and enough for me as well. As it stands, there is room for improvement for IronBeer’s next campaign but the basics are set and solid – let’s hope that the next campaign will feature better missions, because, frankly, that is all we need. -- Lucika

Actually I felt this as a good parody. Indeed, gameplay wasn't top notch, but the sheer number of funny and awesomely ridiculous moments more than made up for it. Some of the things that were pulled off during this were nice, quite good actually. The basic idea is, if you're playing this, do not expect BP-like gameplay, this is a "kill 'em all and stay alive" type of campaign, with a very funny side attached to it. Keep an open mind and you will enjoy it! -- ktistai228 21st January 2011, 9:07 AM GMT+2

The gameplay of this campaign is standard FreeSpace stuff. I don't think Ridiculous' gameplay is bad, because it adheres to the norm when it comes to FS-style combat. In any case, gameplay was not the main point of this campaign, which is why solely basing a review on its gameplay is unfair. The campaign is a parody, and an excellent one at that. Both the general gist of the plot and isolated moments in missions deliver many laughs along with quite a few WTF moments. I found the plot to be immersive enough to draw me in, and that's why I kept playing. A very good first campaign from IronBeer. --CommanderDJ 05:21, 3 March 2011 (UTC)


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