Rise of the Corporate

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General Info

Author: Wistler

Missions: 7, including an in-game cutscene

Status: Released

Description: Rise of the Corporate is a small campaign created by a first time author. Placing solid mission design before story telling, Rise of the Corporate will hopefully be used to showcase the talents of the author as well as provide an enjoyable series of missions based in a Post-Capella FreeSpace universe.


In the face of a crippling depression, the GTVA sells off its aging fleet which it can ill afford to maintain to big business interests. But when these corporations use their new found strength to insidious and violent ends, it is the battle weary GTVA that must once again keep the peace, whatever the cost.

Set in the Mirfak system, Rise of the Corporate places you in the front lines of a dangerous police action where you must rush to prevent what could be the worst humanitarian disaster since Capella.


The upgrading of classic weapons such as the Rockeye Advanced and the Century HL-7 added to your arsenal in a battle against a force whose will to survive is just as strong as yours.

A soundtrack never before heard in the FreeSpace universe.


Feedback is appreciated as this is a first-time release.

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