SFg Beelzeboul

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All information related to the SFg Beelzeboul is non-canon.
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SFg Beelzeboul


Tech Room Description

Being a Shivan design encountered for the first time only a short while back, we do not have much data on this frigate yet. However, it would appear the Beelzeboul's main purpose is fighter suppression, mostly through the many wings of Imp drones it launches, and has thus been classified a drone frigate. The craft has extensive armour plating, and an area of the ship that we believe to be it's main reactor core is guarded by a local shield. For a frigate sized ship, the vessel itself seems to boost limited, yet not negligible, figherpower against capital ships and fightercraft. Despite this, pilots are advised to avoid the area below the vessel's 4 arms and attack topside.

Credits List

  • Model by fightermedic



Name SFg Beelzeboul
Type Frigate
Manufacturer Shivans
Max Velocity 0.0, 0.0, 30.0 ms-1
Armor MediumShield
Hitpoints 75 000 pts
Shields 15 000 pts
Length 2000 m
Width 5000 m
Height 6000 m
Turrets 12 turrets


Turret type Amount
Shivan Cluster 1
LRed 2

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