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The SJD Sathanas

The SJD Sathanas was a substitute for the SJ Sathanas used in the FreeSpace 2 mission, Into the Lion's Den. Up close, it is a simple textured tetrahedron (a polyhedron with four faces), but in the target view, it appears to be a Sathanas-class juggernaut. This was done in order to save memory - In this mission, six juggernauts jump in which could potentially cause problems on older machines.

Because of the amount of distance between the player and the ships in this mission, and the fact that the player only has 15 minutes to complete the mission, the player never actually gets to see the tetrahedral shape of this ship.

They also make several more discreet appearances in the last few missions of the game, starting with Their Finest Hour, where dozens of them are placed far outside the game area and hidden from sensors. This gives the illusion of multiple Sathanas juggernauts around the Capella star, in addition to the Sathanas background bitmaps. Using EMP missiles can have strange effects on these missions, including being able to target the mission props, and wingmen attempting to attack them. Attempting to attack them yourself may result in you going out-of-bounds and your vessel self-destructing.

Many user-made mods remove the SJD Sathanas from the list of available ships to save room, since the ship's only use was fulfilled in the official FreeSpace 2 campaign. Some other user-made missions briefly use this ship, either as target practice for a "missed" beam cannon shot, sensor echoes or other discreet purposes.

Despite being smaller than a real Sathanas, an unmodified SJD Sathanas explodes just as violently.

On a related note, there was a low-polygon Sathanas model found in the retail VP files known as "minicap.pof". It appears to serve no purpose.

An odd note would be that all SJD Sathanases have Ship-Guardian, the exception being Into the Lions Den. If cheats are activated, you would have to first disable ship-guardian, then use ship-kill to destroy them from any distance, provided you used an EMP missile to target them.

Not to be confused with the actual SJ Sathanas.


FS2 Tech Room Description

A Sathanas, off in the distance.

Developer Notes




Type N/A
Manufacturer Unknown
Maneuverability N/A
Max Velocity 25.0 mps
Max Afterburner Velocity N/A
Armor N/A
Hitpoints 1 000 000
Shields N/A
Length N/A



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