SJ Amritaya (2011 INF Dump)

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All information related to the SJ Amritaya (2011 INF Dump) is non-canon.
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The Amritaya from the 2011 model dump.


Tech Room Description


  • Original model by Aldo, modified by Woomeister

Designer's Comments



Name SJ Amritaya
Length 6971.83 m
Width 3358.99 m
Height 2595.57 m
Turrets 60 turrets
Fighterbays 1


Modding Resources

$POF File: INF_Amritaya.pof
Texture list: supertile1;supertile3;supertile4;supertile5;supertile2;STurret;supertile1;supertile3;supertile4;supertile5;supertile2;damage

Veteran Comments

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No ship table provided. References a STurret texture that is present neither in INFR1 or Nostos.

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