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All information related to the SSP Chakra is non-canon.
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SSP Chakra
Back view
Full shield view


Tech Room Description

The Shivan shield projector ship Chakra is an impossibility come alive. As with the Sathanas' beams, no Terran or Vasudan engineer alive has yet been able to offer an explanation how the Shivans could possibly have managed to place a shield generator of this strengh on a cruiser sized ship, and yet, they have done it. Fitting in form and function, the vessel has been named after the disk shaped weapon used by Vishnu, which is seen by Hindus as a symbol of protection.


  • Model and textures by fightermedic

Designer's Comments



Name SSP Chakra
Yaw, Pitch, Roll 110 - 110 - 75 s
Max Velocity 15 (12) ms-1
Hitpoints 50000 pts
Shields 80000 pts
Length 107.43 m
Width 203.35 m
Height 234.11 m
Turrets 12 turrets


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
Shivan Turret Laser 8

Modding Resources

$POF File: chakra.pof
Texture list: Chakra;damage;glass-trans;sp-trans;rs-trans


Veteran Comments

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The shield is a submodel that is about 3 km in diameter, has a rotating animation, and animated glowmaps.

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