Seeds of Rebellion

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General Info

Release Date: Work In Progress, temporarily on hold
Authors: Karajorma


It is one year after the end of the Second Great War and the GTVA is still recovering from the effects of the war. Nearly 250 million people were evacuated from Capella before it was destroyed. A quarter of a billion people in need of food, in need of aid, in need of a place to call home. The GTVA has finally found a home for some of the people but there are always those unwilling to open their hearts and arms to people in need, there are always people willing to go to extreme lengths to prevent that which they believe is different from settling on land they believe is theirs. Seeds of Rebellion is a five mission mini-campaign which follows a young pilot assigned to the GTAC Aethalides, one of the GTVA's new assault carriers built to fill the gaps in the GTVA fleet following the Second Great War. On a shakedown cruise to test its new systems the last thing the Aethalides expects is to end up in the middle of a war zone. Out gunned and out numbered the crew of the Aethalides must rise to the challenge for the sake of the millions who fled the horror of Capella only to find more horror waiting for them.

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