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       Sends a series of delayed messages. All times are accumulated.
       1: Name of who the message is from.
       2: Priority of message ("Low", "Normal" or "High").
       3: Name of message (from message editor).
       4: Delay from previous message in list (if any) in ms
       Use Add-Data for multiple messages.
       IMPORTANT : each additional message in the list MUST HAVE 4 entries;
       any message without the 4 proper fields will be ignored, as will any successive messages.


  • Used to send a list of messages.
  • If a ship that's listed is not present when the event fires, its message will either be sent by Command (high priority) or not at all (normal and low priorities). If you want a dialog sequence participant to arrive during a chain of messages, use separate events, possibly with (has-arrived-delay "<ship name>").