Shard Of Infinity

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Author: Orph3u5

Campaign Status:

"Shard Of Infinity" - Work In Progress

"Ascension" - Work In Progress


The continuity's setting is in 2338, three years after the Great War. The old order has dissolved and the GTA is no longer the supreme Terran authority it used to be. Though on its last leg the former superpower now struggles to remain its standing.

Features & Novelities

- the Ancients will make an appearance as a fighting force in SoI (confirmed)

- the Ancients will receive "new" ships - such as the AC Iraklion

- the Shivans' appearance might not be as antagonoists (suggested)

Development History

The Shard of Infinity continuity was created shortly after the end of "Memories Of The Great War" series (MoGW) was canceled.

Currently nothing of this conitnuity has been released, though some things have already been leaked to the community.