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Fighter squadron:


We have reason to believe that the Shivan Destroyer Eva is in the Antares system near the Antares-Vega jump node.
You will jump to this subspace node and investigate. Destroy any hostiles.
Further orders will be given to you in mission.
Delta wing will be flying Medusa bombers and will assist you. If you need further assistance, call in Epsilon. Galactic Terran Intelligence out.


Delta wing is available as reinforcements; this is a hard mission, so don't be afraid to call them in. Killing an Azrael triggers enemy fighters to arrive, so focus on the freighters first, or wait until they depart, as destroying them is only a secondary objective. The Scorpions are pathetically armed and are attacking your wingmen, not you specifically, so there's little immediate threat. In fact, one of the Shivan wings will depart once Beta is destroyed.

Once the freighters are all destroyed or departed, kill one Azrael and wait for a fighter wing to arrive. Kill the other transport and finish off the following fighters. Then get that cargo scanned and witness a bit of GTT Stern drama.


The ship, number of weapons, and hull integrity that you had when you exited the last mission will be the same in the beginning of this mission.

Delta wing has already been spawned when you start, and they actually fly Athena bombers equipped with Synatic bombs. Epsilon wing comes in Valkyries, and oddly enough come equipped with Prometheus cannons. A FREDding oversight, but since you get those weapons in the next mission, it's not as weird as the occurrence in Avenging Angels.

Notable ships present