Shivan Megafunk Turret

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The Shivan Megafunk Turret is a primary weapon used in turrets of the large vessels.


Weapon Comparison Table, FS1


Weapon Comparison Table, FS2


Basic Shivan turret weapon.



Range 1440 m
Rate of Fire 0.29 shots per second
Velocity 120 ms-1
Base Damage 195
Armor Damage Full 195
Shield Damage Very Poor 32.5
Subsystem Damage Good 130


Veteran Comments

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This is the most powerful turret laser in either game. It does almost enough damage a second to be considered a serious weapon, but not enough; especially considering its placid 120 mps speed. Even so, do not attack a Shivan Megafunk Turret if your shields are damaged. If the shot goes through it could seriously mess with your fighter / bomber.

The best blob turret in the game, but that doesn't say much considering how weak all blob turrets are.

If there's a gap in your shields and you're unlucky enough to be hit by this thing, it will ruin you. However, the blobs move so ridiculously slow that a GTF Apollo can outrun them on afterburners. Nevertheless, the Megafunk Turret is well suited to be used against enemy warships.

ROF isn't all that bad, but that doesn't make up for its painfully slow speed.