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The following information refers to the Solaris universe and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace continuity.

'One people. One future.'

The Sinarus Combine is a Terran Great Power.

The Sinarus Combine rose from the ashes of the Sol Combine, the powerful administrative hub of Terran space. Economic and ecological collapse at the end of the Great War led to the replacement of Sol's government with a new capital in the Sinarus system. For the first time in human history, Earth had lost her place at the zenith of Terran administration and culture.

The following years were dark times for Combine citizens. The Sinarus government inherited a small but densely populated territory dependent on imports from outlying systems - systems now under Federation control. The loss of Earth's infrastructure and much of her population had also shattered the once-proud nation. The pragmatic but totalitarian ruling government took drastic action - entire swathes of the population were mobilised into rebuilding the economy. Power was concentrated at the upper echelons of the single-party government with severely curtailed political and social freedoms for its citizens. The nation's citizenry committed itself to this gargantuan task, firm in the belief that this was a necessary sacrifice to ensure a future for generations to come.

As a result, Combine leadership expects absolute loyalty to the state, including compulsory military service and working in a chosen area of a socially useful occupation. In return, Combine citizens have the right to comprehensive state welfare, housing and education.

As the economy recovered, the Sinarus Combine star fleet benefited from an extensive modernisation program. Heavily-armed warships are designed with less specialised roles than Federation equivalents with an emphasis on flexibility of movement and independent operations.