Slaves of Chaos

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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.

Slaves of Chaos is the first major campaign by the Between the Ashes team that takes place after the events of Freespace 1 and ST:R.


We defeated the Shivans but it wasn't without loss. Our world is gone and we are left in confusion. Where do we go from here? Who do we trust? We stand in the rubble and yet we must learn to how to survive when the Destroyers return.


Admiral Po

Admiral Po is an unconventinal but dedicated and loyal soldier of the GTA. Coming from a middle-class family, Po graduated from military academy at the top of his class. He witnessed the effects of crime and corruption in his home planet as a child, which he remarks as the primary reason for joining the GTA. Extremely reserved in front of his officers, Po has been known to go out on his own just to get things done. Despite not giving many speeches, the officers aboard the Intrepid have great trust in their admiral. As the commander of the Intrepid, Po has fought long and hard against the Vasudans and the Shivans, earning him medals and honors above others.

Kalev Ehin

Kalev Ehin is the political commentator for the Gulnara Local HoloNet broadcasts and the rising star of the show. Relatively unknown until now, Ehin worked for several political organizations before ending up in his current position. Since his first report in 2335 entitled ' War-Torn and Without Choice', Ehin has been a vocal critic of the Galactic Terran Alliance in the Antares system. His debut has made the populace suspicious of the GTA. He is frequently featured in other media because of his sensationalism and appeal to the extremists in Antares. He has recently supported the secessionist party in Antares, falsely claiming that other systems are doing so as well. His actions have stirred the radicals in Antares rally and protest in government offices. Dissidents in the sector have used his image to spread anti-GTA propaganda.

New Tech

It's a Sekret!

Gulnara Local Holonet

The Gulnara Local Holonet was a topic that the Between the Ashes team used to publish articles written by Kalev Ehin, a character from Slaves of Chaos. The original topic is here.

War-Torn and Without Choice

By Kalev Ehin - 3/18/2335


For fourteen years, we have seen nothing but ongoing warfare under the blood-stained banner of the GTA. The ever-present threat of attack from the Vasudans has kept us from knowing even the briefest moment of respite. There are children of Antares alive today that have never known peace.

No. This 'armistice' with the Vasudans is not peace. It seems likely that, as history would suggest, this cease-fire will be repealed and we'll be at war again. Who genuinely believes this unholy alliance could possibly bear anything resembling a lasting peace? It's only a matter of time. Out here at the edge of space, we are at the mercy of power hungry politicians and warmongering generals.

Shouldn't the GTA should be considering the rights of the laymen and not worrying about pushing their borders? Even with the fleet in shambles, they still display their propaganda and cruise their destroyers around as if they are a force to be reckoned with. Symbols of Terran pride. Beacons of stability. The stale notions of some previous era. All too often in our history governments fall because their pride and greed render them deaf to the cries of the people. What makes the GTA any different?

Each colony in Antares has been notified that the GTA is redeploying its forces and that the Intrepid's battle group is heading this way in the coming months. We can only assume they intend to strengthen their forces near the Vasudan core systems. Or perhaps they have come to ensure our continued submission. Whatever the reason, it is sure that the conflict we have come to know will return to this little area of space soon enough.

Time and again we see the same things happen… How long until we decide that enough is enough?

[email protected]

More Casualties, More Tragedies

By Kalev Ehin - 4/27/2335


The GTA never knows when to stop. Just yesterday, reports of another raid happened... against civilians. With all their technology and military prowess, they still attack the innocent during their draconian crackdown on smuggling operations. Footage of what happened during the event is horrendous. The vessel transporting a family was mercilessly shredded. The victims were murdered by their own government.

And what does the GTA have to say about this? The spokesman of the Security Council Robert Fratto said, "These smugglers, the enemies we're fighting against, they purposely put civilians in harm's way. It's their strategy.” Has the GTA gone so far as to blame those that were not even involved in the scene? Was it the smugglers that gave them the information?

The GTA must be kept on a leash, and their use of force must be put to an end. How many more families have to die before the GTA is content with the pain that they've caused? How many more children have to starve? Mothers and fathers are resorting to crime just to survive.

The alliance is failing. Many of the outer systems are discontent and pulling off their support. The people of Antares already are talking about secession. Several politicians including lieutenant governor Isaiah O'Donnell, publicly condemns the GTA's actions. Dissent is spreading like a wildfire, and a party called the Antares Federation, founded by the former representative Ruoyu Zhou, is seeking to replace the pro-alliance incumbent governor Keiji Hirako. Should Zhou succeed, there is a chance for us to start anew.

The future is bleak, yet we still may hope. [email protected]

Antares, Or What's Left Of It

By Kalev Ehin - 5/08/2335


Smugglers continue to move freely within Antares. Just yesterday, a shuttle convoy that was raided and left to float in the emptiness of space for three days was found. The civilian passengers were fortunately unharmed but as we all know, such is not always the case. Last week when the GTA botched an operation to capture Arris Gavel, a known leader of a local crime syndicate, the smugglers left a trail of destruction in their path. They flew near civilian convoys, destroying some and avoiding others before escaping. The GTA did nothing but watched as the events unfolded around them.

Antares has been a playground and a safe haven for pirates and smugglers for a long time now. This inevitably came from being a 'contested system'. But now there is supposedly no war being fought, so why are their activities still continuing? Casualties as a result of these violent and abhorrent crimes are highest since their peak during the 14-Year War. The effects are not only immediate but long-lasting. Families living in these conditions are afraid to leave their homes to work. Some businesses would avoid the system altogether if they could. The economy of Antares is dwindling, yet no one with the resources wants to help! We have cases of children being malnourished and dying from curable diseases! These despicable crimes must end. We cannot expect any help from the GTA nor from the current regime. So what can we as citizens of Antares do?

Some time ago, I've mentioned of the Antares Federation, an offshoot of the Antares for Antaresian movement. The party leader and nominee Ruoyu Zhou is a fine candidate to support as opposed to the current incumbent. He is willing to do what is right for the people. Not only will he seek to repeal the recent totalitarian laws proposed by Hirako, but in his expected second terms when we get to vote for the next Constitutional Convention, Zhou will reform the government so that it can be a federal democracy. To support his endeavors, please visit the Anar Center at 6491, GU, Antares, or send contact him at [email protected]

[email protected]