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All information related to the Sol Gate is non-canon.
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Sol Gate


Tech Room Description

The Sol Gate is the first artificial Jump Node mankind has ever created. Using knowledge learned from the study of the activated Knossos portal in Gamma Draconis, this installation was created at the site of the former Sol Jump Node of Delta Serpentis in an attempt to recover contact with Earth.

Each moving component of the installation contains a large subspace motivator core, similar to the devices found in regular subspace jump drives. The interlocking circular motions of the Sol Gate cause these subspace components to begin to interact with one another, eventually creating an artificial subspace focal point in the cosmos, aligning the subspace strings into a coherent tunnel.

This subspace corridor manifests around the severely volatile Sol Jump Node, stabilizing the vortex and creating a permenant Jump Node. Because the Terran device is far less efficient in terms of energy, the Terran Knossos is far larger in scale, requiring four extremely powerful Meson-based reactors to meet the massive energy requirements of the subspace portal.

Additionally, the installation is surrounded by a large construction template ring, which provides non structural auxiliary power as well as a defensive compliment of multiple turrets. The Sol Gate is acknowledged as among the most awe-inspiring achievements mankind has created.


  • Model and textures by PeterV
  • Conversion by Nyctaeus

Designer's Comments



Name Sol Gate
Yaw, Pitch, Roll 200 - 200 - 200 s
Hitpoints 1000000 pts
Length 2352.65 m
Width 5841.99 m
Height 6804.85 m
Turrets 30 turrets
Fighterbays 1


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
Standard Flak 15
Terran Standard Turret 15

Modding Resources

$POF File: jump3t-01.pof
Texture list: INVISIBLe;CAPITAL7;Install01-01;TBODY;CapitaL01-04;SOLGATE;Install01-02;Install01-04;ASTeria01;ASTeria02;LIGHTS;DAMAGE


Veteran Comments

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Has lots of additional, destroyable components. Reactor segments are all destroyable and can be used for some cool ingame mechanics.

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