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   Mike K.'s special training sexp. Returns a boolean value. Takes 1 argument as follows:
   0:    Ship "Freighter 1" is aspect locked by the player
   1:    Player has fired Interceptor#Weak at Freighter 1
   2:    Ship "Freighter 1", subsystem "Weapons" is aspect locked by the player
   3:    Apply 10 points of damage to player's forward shields (action operator)
   4:    Player's front shields are nearly gone
   5:    Quickly recharge player's front shields (action operator)
   6:    Reduce all shield quadrants except front to 0 (action operator)
   7:    Front shield quadrant is near maximum strength
   8:    Rear shield quadrant is near maximum strength
   9:    Reduce left and right shield quadrants to 0 (action operator)
  10:    Player has fewer than 8 missiles left
  11:    Player has 8 or more missiles left
  12:    Player has fewer than 4 missiles left
  13:    Reduce front shield quadrant to 0 (action operator)
  100:   Player is out of countermeasures
  2000:  Training failed


As it can be easily noted, this useful SEXP triggers several kinds of effects used in training missions.