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General Info

Personal Info

Real Name: Christian Fernandez-Duque
Provenience: Washington, DC
Date Joined: October 29, 2001. I wandered away from HLP in 2003 but I came back here in Feb 2020
Gender: Male
Birthday: May 1st

My Username Etymology

My nickname in the FreeSpace community is Su-tehp. It's a (very) rough translation of the Ancient Egyptian words "su," meaning "divine," and "tep," meaning "head". Taken together, "Su-tehp" means "divine mind."

Also, I'm talking out of my ass. The above meanings of those Egyptian words was taken from an RPG book of all things, so the etymology is necessarily suspect. Still, I think it's an awesome handle so I kept it.

My Contributions


Active Projects:

Contributions to the FreeSpace Wiki

Brief description

Edited a number of Exile-related Techbase entries. Also wrote the "FREDZone Fleet Organization" and "Capital Ship Fighter Complements" articles.

I'm currently doing story and grammar editing for the Exile campaign mod. It's gonna be so awesome once it's done.