TG Bromios

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All information related to the TG Bromios is non-canon.
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TG Bromios


Tech Room Description

The Bromios is a gas miner designed specifically to collect and process gasses found in the atmospheres of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Gas miners gather elemental hydrogen and helium as well as compounds such as methane and ammonia which are broken down into their constituent elements. These gasses are then refined to isolate the heavy isotopes needed to power the reactors of vessels in the Terran fleets. Gas miners are large, slow, bulky and poorly armed, making them prize targets for pirates and other enemies.


  • Model by Galemp



Type Gas Miner
Manufacturer Unknown
Maneuverability N/A
Max Velocity 18
Max Afterburner Velocity N/A
Armor N/A
Hitpoints 5000
Shields N/A
Width 65 m
Height 90 m
Length 272 m


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
Light Turret 5


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