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The old article was pants. Rewrote. - Black Wolf

Now that you completely and tactlessly destroyed my work, would you be so kind to add any links? - TopAce

It's a wiki. You can add any links you want. I'm sorry for being tactless - if I'd known you had written it I would have been more tactful, but, sorry as I am to say it, I got the impression that it'd been written by an overzealous newb. It wasn't accurate or comprehensive enough for a subject as plot central as ETAK.

"It is unknown what is abbreviated as 'ETAK', first, it was supposed to be a weapon of mass destruction."

Khafre tells us what the Abbreviation means in Act 3, mission 3 I think - around then anyway.

"Bosch had used the ETAK device to communicate with the Cosmic destroyers and form an alliance between the Terrans and the Shivans."

He wanted to form an alliance, but this implies he did, which isn't exactly supported by ingame events.

"When the 3rd Vasudan fleet rescued the survivors of the NTF Iceni, the ship self-destructed alongside with the ETAK device. Unless there is a second Iceni-class corvette, we will never know more about the ETAK project. "

We got the specs of Lt. Rusk. We almost certainly will learn more.

"As the effect of a special operation, where the Iceni was scanned and information was gathered about it, the GTVA deduced that the ETAK is in reality, not a weapon of immense power, but rather a device which emits signatures. No-one had an idea about the real purpose of the ETAK, but it was made sure they were not worrying about a weapon. "

I don't remember this particular operation ingame. If you can find the mission where it is mentioned, tell me and I'll add it into the entry, or you can, but from my memory it looks like pseudocanon, whichneeds to be kept out of the wiki.

Look, I'm not pursuing a vendetta or trying to deliberately destroy your stuff. But the wiki is, by its very nature, going to be edited pretty harshly, and that's all I did here. I think my version is more accurate and comprehensive. If you think yours is, we can put it to a vote, or hell, it's a WIKI. You can rip the hell out of my article and there's not much I'll be able to do short of reverting to a previous history or re-editing. That's just the way these things work. - Black Wolf

The mission is the very first SOC mission. - TopAce