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Basic hostile weapon

As far as i can see this is just a weapon ment to be used by the hostile (opposing) non-shivan forces. That is no other Terran/Vasudan weapon is as bad as this one. However PromR looks just about right amongst the shivan weapons. I think i'll toss something about this to the page if no one disagrees.

Agreed. I think I've already hinted at that, but coming out and saying it would be appropriae I think. --Mars 01:59, 25 July 2006 (BST)

Actaully this gun is more similar to the Origional GTW Prometheus than the GTW Prometheus S is, apart from the reduction in fire rate it is much closer to the FS1 weapon, if the Energy drain had reduced in-line with the fire rate reduction it might not seem like such a bad gun.

I must disagree... Its closer to Shivan weapons (that is.. its almost as bad as) than any other Terran weapon available. Has about 50% (perhaps just a bit more) of the performance of the FS1 GTW Prometheus.. See Weapon Comparison (FS2)
You're thinking too much of overall effectiness, and have missed my point: the Prom R fires similar yield and speed bolts to the GTW Prometheus (but less of them and draining more energy in the process), with similar sheild/armour/subsystem factor: whereas the GTW Prometheus S fires Faster-Moving bolts that have a much higher anti-shield effect and slightly lower anti-hull effect than either of the other versions, basicly I can see the GTW Prometheus R as a variant of the GTW Prometheus (albeit an inferior one), but the GTW Prometheus S is as different to the other Prometheus Cannon as the GTW Banshee and GTW UD-8 Kayser are to each other and is effectely a competely different weapon that happens to have a similar visual effect.
Not only the overall effectiveness. For example GTW Prometheus vs. GTW Prometheus R... Firewait: 0.3 vs. 0.45, Sustained damage potential (per second that is) against hull 87 vs. 44, Shields 47 vs. 32 and Subsys 23 vs. 14... So atleast in my books old GTW Prometheus is about twice as effective weapon as the 'new' GTW Prometheus R. IMO old Prometheus is a bit better weapon (overall) than new GTW Subach HL-7 and GTW Mekhu HL-7 while GTW Prometheus R is clearly inferior to these ones. Effectwise it looks the same but it has IMHO been completely 'retooled' to be a NTF weapon utilized against player - that is poor quality weapon like all the Shivan primary weapons used in fighters. - Wanderer 20:08, 16 August 2006 (BST)
but of course sustained damage took a major hit vs the origional, the reduced fire rate alone would account for that, that wasn't my point at all
I see no reason why you can't just add your opinion in, I mean, the part I wrote in the article only states "This gun is statistically inferior to every other allied weapon in Freespace 2, in virtually all categories, causing some to theorize that this weapon is meant to be used by enemy forces, often citing the fact that the Shivan laser weapons have very close damage values to this gun." which expresses little, if any, opinion, you could just add your piece at the end for instance "however, others find that the statistical values more closely match the GTW Prometheus than any of the Shivan weapons, and canonically it is a deviation from the original." --Mars 02:33, 18 August 2006 (BST)