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Fairly sure it's not actually identical to the Pegasus, but it might be just me; however I am pretty sure one mounts two gun and one missile bank and the other mounts two missile and one gun. Remember this from testing a mission once. - ngtm1r

Kinda. Tables:


+Gun Mounts: 2

+Missile Banks: 1

$Default PBanks: ( "Subach HL-7" )

$Default SBanks: ( "Harpoon" "Hornet" )

$SBank Capacity: ( 20, 10 )


+Gun Mounts: 1

+Missile Banks: 2

$Default PBanks: ( "Mekhu HL-7" )

$Default SBanks: ( "Harpoon" "Hornet" )

$SBank Capacity: ( 20, 10 )

The splash screen info is wrong. In-game, they have the same armament.

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