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All of my medals except the medal i got for this mission disappeared after I completed it. Also, I got no promotion for killing the Lucifer. Why?

I find the best ship for this mission is the Valkyrie with the Banshee and Prometheus as primaries and fury missiles as secondaries. --FlamingCobra 22:53, 8 July 2011 (UTC)

Yup, just completed it in FSPort - also lost all my medals, promotions and kills. However got myself the lonely Galactic Service medal, and it's quite pretty. :)

Considering tactics.. Well, first and foremost - everything, that is written here as a solution won't work in FSPort on higher than normal level of difficulty. Forget about taking the heavy fighters/bombers on mission. Forget about taking huge amount of missiles. As pointed above - agile & fast fighters work best here . Take Ulysses with the Prometheus as the main gun, and Disruptor as the secondary one. Outfit both Alpha & Beta like this. As you enter the mission - give the Epsilon wing the order to ignore the Lucifer ( their job is to lure all the enemy fighters, so the Alpha & Beta can do their job ). Then, choose any light enemy craft, and order all of you wingmen to attack it. This way they will use afterburners to close the gap, and it will help us buy some time. We need this time to destroy the Lucy's weapon system ( that's where Disruptors will come in handy ). As soon, as you reach the behemoth - give Alpha and Beta order to take them out. You can either help them, or try to destroy a couple of annoying swarm missile launchers, that will be your plague, since they are protecting Lucy's weapons sub., and are incredibly annoying and effective. With the decent amount of luck you should be able to finish it's weapons right in time for Delta to arrive and drop their deadly packages. After that - give all the remaining fighters order to punch a whole throw Lucifer's surviving reactors, one by one. Except for Thoth's - their job is to provide cover. I've been beating my head against the solid brick wall, while trying to complete this mission with the Hercules, however with the Ulysses it went relatively easy. It really shows, how critical is the timely destruction of the weapons subsystem, and how important it is to have fast and agile ship here. --Regis 14:40, 9 July 2011 (UTC)