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Canon Info

Where is this information about communications coming from? Shouldn't this all be considered speculation? --- Blue Lion

  • That's an analysis of the possible ways to communicate with Sol, successful or not. I fail to understand how you can interpret it as the description of communications to/from Sol. Read the article - I mentioned plotholes, FreeSpace 3 and Alpha Centauri, just to give an example. --- Mobius

For example a line like this - "Subspace communications are a standard among the GTVA and they might have been used by the GTA at the time of the Great War. Subspace communications are usually supposed to be the fastest and most effective ones." "Might have been" and "Supposed to be" sound like opinions.

I don't mind the talk about it but the non-canon at the bottom kinda throws me off. Does that mean the stuff up top IS canon? To me it just seems poorly worded and confusing to people who might not know as much about it and think that these things are actual facts about the FS universe.