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General Info

Personal Info

Real Name: Francesco D.A. D'Amico
Provenience: Lamezia Terme(CZ), Calabria, Italy
Date Joined: May 10th, 2006
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Birthday: November 13th
Job: Student - Geology


I'm an active member of the FreeSpace community since May 2006, though I have been around for a few months before joining. I'm a very active member on the Hard Light Production forums because they host several projects I work on(they're listed below). I'm a frequent visitor of Game Warden and a very rare visitor of Sectorgame. I'm quickly becoming a dedicated FreeSpace Wiki contributor.

My Nickname

In the FreeSpace community is use only the nickname "Mobius", that replaced the old "LieutenantGeneralMobius". For the ones who don't know it, the 118th Mobius squadron of Ace Combat 4(equivalent of FreeSpace 2's 70th Blue Lions)is the squadron where the player, Mobius 1, is based during all the game. The logo of the squadron is a plane flying through August Ferdinand Mobius' Strip( ∞ ), symbol used in Mathematics to represent the Infinity.

My Contributions


Active Projects:

I work as music tabler. I will upgrade the campaign using FRED in the future.
I'm the second in command(first one being Admiral Nelson). I work as FREDder, tester and cutscene designer. I coordinate the voice acting when needed.
I'm the de facto second in command. I FRED, script, test and create/modify tables.
Same as above.
Same as above.
I'm the project leader, so I coordinate the other members' work. I FRED, create the plot and table.

Projects On Hold:

Solo effort, introduction to Steadfast.
A series of minicampaigns that show alternate stories based on the main Inferno and FreeSpace 1 continuities. The project is on hold because I'm waiting for INFA2 to take shape(INFA2 will be needed).
I'm the new project leader of this campaign, which is put on hold until the release of INF SCP (necessary to FRED a new style Inferno campaign)
Second in command, this campaign by Bob-san may become part of the NTV project.
Features my first attempts at FREDding and may be brought back to life in the future.

Contributions to the FreeSpace Wiki

Brief description

As die-hard fan of FreeSpace, my contributes are focused on the FreeSpace Universe and its multiple features. I also do a lot to add full FS Wiki support for the projects I work on, with Inferno being the most notable example.

I'm known to be quite sensitive when it comes it radical changes, so I usually discuss them in talk pages.

New ideas

Related Links sections

I have been making this kind of changes for a while, but I've only recently created a thread about the matter. I've always thought that "Download link" sections are poor, so I came out with a new section that serves multiple purposes. I've also started adding links to ModDB profiles. An example, taken from the main Inferno article, follows.

Total number of forces tables

I came out with this and used it to replace the old "Notable ships present" section. This new section is to provide info regarding all ships featured in a mission and not only the ones with plot-related importance. The "Casualties" section is based on the maximum number of acceptable losses on both sides, after which the campaign would progress.

The following is my first table of this kind. Please note that this may differ from the one you can find on the Surrender, Belisarius! article due to the edits of Wiki contributors. The one below is only an example of how "Total number of forces" tables work.

Forces involved

  • 12 GTF Hercules
    • Leo (2)
    • Cancer (2)
    • Gemini (2)
    • Aquarius (3)
    • Aries (3)

  • 0-12 GTF Hercules
    • Leo (2)
    • Cancer (2)
    • Gemini (2)
    • Aquarius (3)
    • Aries (3)

Name Origin sections

It's no secret that that my nationality effectively boosted my interest on Greek and Roman mythology. I've also been always interested on Egyptian mythology. Here's another idea I came out with: a partial overhaul of Name Origin sections throughout the FreeSpace Wiki. A while ago, I've also created a thread about the partial overhaul. An example of them, the Name Origin section of the GTVA Colossus article, is below.

Meaning: Colossal, large statue
Language: Latin, imported in English
Alternate spellings: Kolossos (Ancient Greek)
Used in Latin to refer to large statues, the term used nowadays in English (in lower case, as this is a common name) may refer to anything of giant sizes. Colossal is a related word.
The sixth of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World was the Colossus of Rhodes, a giant bronze statue representing the god Helios that was constructed following a very important military victory. This explains why the first mission featuring the Colossus is named "The Sixth Wonder."
Upgrading campaigns article

That's it, an article in which I write what I learn from my experience with the FreeSpace Campaign Restoration Project. I periodically edit the article to add and/or modify its contents.

I also encourage other FSCRP members to read it and contribute to its development.

Background Emporium article

I've always liked Singh's Background Emporium, but I didn't really liked how it stated dying in the past three years. I decided to create a Wiki version of the Emporium, intented to be a place where people can easily share their artwork. Useless to say that I expect the Wiki's Emporium to expand and become an effective tool. My philosophy on the matter is that it's so much easier to get a background from the Wiki than looking for missions that feature it, open them with Notepad and then copy and paste their backgrounds.


I'm one of the few Italian members of this community and I'm reletively young so my English isn't supposed to be perfect. Feel free to grammar check whatever I write.