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How accurate is this timeline? I thought the whole war was supposed to have taken less than a month (Given Admiral Petrach's statements about "18 months of NTF rebellion" at both the beginning and end of the game). - Black Wolf

If you don't find any proof it was inaccurate, don't critise this. - TopAce

Did you get any proof of the timeline before you wrote it? This comes from Act 2, Mission 7, the first Sathannas appearance, which your timeline pegs at November 11.

"The NTF rebellion is over. Polaris, Regulus, and Sirius are now under allied control, and we begin the process of rebuilding these systems after 18 months of bloodshed."

This comes from Act 1, Mission 1, which your timeline puts between August 16th and August 20th.

"After 18 months of fighting, Admiral Bosch's Neo-Terran Front has become the most significant threat to regional security since the Great War ended 32 years ago."

If three months had passed between them, Khafre would have said 21 months. Your timeline is wrong. - Black Wolf

Don't look at me, I only copy/pasted it from the original Wiki source. - TopAce

OK. Well, I'll have a think about this and see if I can come up with a way we can present the same information without the non canon stuff. It might be easier to set it up as a series of events rather than a proper timeline, i.e. without any sort of reference to specific dates. Then maybe add the relevant bits I posted here, and a bit of a discussion about how long the game probably spans. But I'll try that tomorrow. - Black Wolf

Guys, this is all MY conjecture. I structured it to fit the events of the NTF Rebellion the player engages in within a timeframe that could be considered within 18 months of the start of the Rebellion, and still fit everything in 2335 with a plausible length. Unfortunately we don't have ANY actual dates to go on for this so I've done the whole thing in Silver, to denote canon events but non-canon dates. Galemp 22:18, 21 Nov 2005 (CET)

- Um, why not just note that the dates are conjecture? The current formatting makes it look as if the events are also non-canon, at least to a reader unfamiliar with the story. Also, can we not have a mention at the top of this page that there's no 'formal' name for the FS2 war (cos AFAIK there isn't a canonical name; it's been called the 2nd Great War, 2nd Shivan War, Capella War/Capellan War/Capella Incident, and more in various threads and campaigns).

Shivan Incursion is definitely non-canon. I expect the name Shivan Incursion came from the frequently-played multiplayer mission from the Game of the Year edition. I designed that mission at a LAN party based on a friend's comment about a hypothetical GTVA v. Shivan multiplayer match. While FS2 didn't have the code for true PvP, they had a blast flying around as Shivans long enough for me to tweak the mission with their play testing. - Zarathud 6/13/08 11:00 PM CT

Kinda self-centered of you to assume that a multi mission built for FS2 gave its name to the whole game's events ex post facto, isn't it? Incursion has lots of stuff going for it, since you can't really call it an invasion (the Shivans were the ones who got invaded really), incident sounds rather trite describing the blowing up of a star, etc. - Ngtm1r 03:55, 14 June 2008 (CDT)

The Shivan Incursion multiplayer mission was rather innovative, and had a fair amount of play from the Game of the Year Edition and from free downloads at Volition/Volition Watch. Plus, I was wrote a great deal for Volition Watch at the time and I'm not too bad with words, thus having the opportunity to pick up the 100th monkey effect. Where else could the meme have come from? - Zarathud 7/6/08 3:30 PM CT

Added note to the top of the page. - TopAce 06:18, 9 July 2008 (CDT)

Should the SD Beleth be listed here as having been destroyed in Gamma Draconis? Isn't it an optional objective? - Machaka 19:03, 13 December 2009 (UTC)

Well IMO it's more convenient to not take into account player action/inaction and just assume he did the mission fully. - Snail 17:25, 15 December 2009 (UTC)