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Removed the Link to Central Generator, replaced with Reactor because it was largely made up of assumption, and wasn't particularly detailed. Plus "Central Generator" is never referenced in game, it's always Reactor or Power Plant. - Black Wolf

Wow... a lot of what's coming off this page is... not good. Actually, it's a mess. I'm going to try to clean it up over the next few weeks - see how I go. - Black Wolf

I am offended. Good luck finishing it, don't expect a single hand from me. - TopAce Your 'reactor' article is not a step better than any of mines. It is full of spelling mistakes, contains inaccuracies: SD Sathanas :lol: and the whole article is not one step 'more canon' than mine was(before you were so kind and erased the whole)

What was spelt incorrectly? Point them out and I'll fix them (I've fixed a few already, including SD Sathanas). But I would contest that it is more canon, since everything on there comes from either the tables or another in-game source. It's also more detailed, neater and has better flow. And for the record, Central Generator hasn't been touched, except to add a redirect to Reactor. If you like yours so much better, we can put it to a forum vote or something. - Black Wolf

If you are so smart that all your writings are impreccable(at least this is what you think of them), without any mistakes, then you can completely discover all the spelling mistakes. - TopAce

I don't consider them impeccable, they can always be improved on. If you don't want to help though, I understand that. The spell checker will have to suffice. - Black Wolf

[suggestion]The spell checker won't help you learn how to spell Anuket and Colossus.[/suggestion]

Combined both subspace drive entries - the original ones had intra and inter system jumping confused. - Black Wolf