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This was moved here for reference and discussion.Galemp

The above is being left in place as A)I'm curious where the author got the dates for the NTF and Shivan Incursion stuff and B) some of it is actually pretty correct. The Unification and 14 Year War sections are NOT canon and are background information for the Terran-Vasudan War Project. Below is the closest to a canon timeline, sans the game time lines, that can be compiled. - Eishtmo

Most of it is extrapolation; I put it together during my tenure at FSURP, before the Wiki came online. I'll work with you on this but let's move the discussion to the Talk page.Galemp

OK, these events/dates are DEFINITELY canon and are listed as WHITE in the timeline.

~8000 BC: Dynasty of 10,000 Years established on Vasuda Prime
~6000 BC: Ancients Civilization destroyed by Shivans
2313: Subspace discovered by Terrans
?: Galactic Terran Alliance formed
~2317: Ma'at transport enters service
2321: Terran-Vasudan War (14 Year War) begins
?: Leviathan construction ordered
Probably "a few months" after start of war
2323: Battle of Rexis 4
GTD Goliath destroyed
Anubis fighter confirmed
First use of Anubis as kamikaze fighters
?: Battle of Gulnara
Victory for Terrans
Leviathan production halted
?: Battle of Talania System
Terran Defeat
Leviathan production restarted
?: Aldebaran Encounter
Satis freighter enters service
~2327: Elysium transport enters service
Contradiction: FS1 says since colonization began
Thoth fighter production begun
Contradiction: FS1 says built with Ulysses fighter, 2335
107th Ravens Founded
2333: Vega Engagement
Typhon class destroyer appears
GTD Eisenhower and 4th fleet destroyed
2335: 14 Year War ends
Great War begins in Jan, ends Dec
Lucifer destroyed in March
GTA Provisional Government established in Delta Serpentis
Hades Rebellion
?: Terrans divide into four groups:
Adhara Coalition
Antares Federation
Regulus Syndicate
Luyten New Alliance
2339: Emperor Khonsu II dissolves Vasudan Parliament
2345: Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance established
2347: GTVA Colossus construction started
Bes freighter enters service
2352: GTSC Erikson visits Gamma Draconis
Cyclops bomb enters service
?: Operation Templar
~2353: Hecate class destroyer commissioned
2358: Beta Aquilae Convention
Formal dismantling of Terran blocs
Formation of General Assembly, Security Counsel and Vasudan Imperium
2360: Hatshepsut class destroyer commissioned
2365: Neo-Terran Front Rebellion begins
Aeolus class cruiser production halted
2366: Lieutenant Commander Christopher Snipes 'defects' to the NTF
2367: Second Shivan Incursion

This table should have stayed in the main article, it is well-made. Removing it entirely without asking seems rude to me - TopAce 21:56, 21 Nov 2005 (CET)