Teeth of the Tiger

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General Info

Project Lead: BengalTiger

Other Members:

  • Hellstryker (Durandal)
  • Retsof
  • 0rph3u5
  • blowfish
  • Titan
  • Shiv
  • Colonol Dekker
  • Warp Shadow
  • Snail

Missions: Mission count for final release is unknown, 3 are included in the Demo.

Mods included:

Numerous, including:

  • 1 entirely new species, plus several more to discover along the way
  • Numerous new GTVA ships (in later chapters)
  • Many new Shivan ships
  • And more!



Teeth of the Tiger: Intro

Number of missions: 3

The demo of Teeth of the Tiger takes place 5 weeks after the Capella Incident. GTVA Command had decided to explore the numerous unidentified nodes leading out of allied systems. Regulus was first in line, with Command deciding to explore the Struve AB system. Soon after entering the node, a Shivan ship was sighted, and Command decided to use Meson warheads to close the node. Their actions that day set in motion a chain of events that would decide the very fate of humanity.

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