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[[{{{previous}}}|Previous Mission]]

[[{{{campaign}}}|Campaign Walkthrough]] [[{{{next}}}|Next Mission]]


All credit to hawke_ on #osm for writing these templates, Template:NextMission and Template:PreviousMission being the others.

Loop capability was added by Logomancer, with Template:PreviousInLoop and Template:NextInLoop being derived from the previous two templates above.


This collection of templates are to be used as campaign headers for mission walkthroughs.


Add this to the first mission of a campaign - {{Mission|next=The Place of Chariots|first=Surrender, Belisarius|campaign=Campaign Walkthrough}}, substituing the relevant parameters.

The last mission should have {{Mission|last=Apocalypse|previous=Clash of the Titans II|campaign=Campaign Walkthrough}} at the top.

Other missions get {{Mission|next=The Romans Blunder|previous=Surrender, Belisarius|campaign=Campaign Walkthrough}} for instance.

To add next or previous loop missions, add loopnext or loopprev, respectively, to the parameter list. One example would be {{Mission|previous=Feint! Parry! Riposte!|next=Battle of the Wilderness|loopprev=Rebels and Renegades|loopnext=...But Hate The Traitor|campaign=FreeSpace 2 Campaign Walkthrough}} for the Freespace 2 mission "Love the Treason...". If a next or previous loop mission doesn't exist, just leave it out.

The campaign parameter is the name of the campaign's wiki page.