Terran Huge Turret 2

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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.


Blue Planet Tech Room Description

The Super Djinn Heavy Tactical Engagement System is slower to fire than the Super Houndtooth, but it offers more than triple the damage against hulls. Due to problems with plasma pulse cohesion, the Super Djinn tends to dissipate on shield matrices. The Super Djinn is an inadequate point defense weapon, but it is able to supplement beam weapons and torpedoes in inflicting hull damage. It is unable to defeat the contingent hull design of modern warships.



Range 2520 m
Rate of Fire .66 shots per second
Velocity 175 ms-1
Base Damage 100
Armor Damage Very Good 125
Shield Damage Good 50
Subsystem Damage Good 75


Veteran Comments

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Essentially identical to the Terran Huge Turret statistically, but with a slightly longer range; other than that and graphical improvements, it is completely unchanged. Unlike the pulse cannons that Alliance ships mount in Blue Planet, it has no built-in inaccuracy. Until torpedoes start coming in armored, the Terran Turret 2 is by far a better warhead interceptor.

This weapon actually fires twice as fast as the Djinn while doing the same amount of damage, making it fairly powerful (at least against hulls). However, the Super Houndtooth has higher ROF and speed, and slightly higher DPS. The Super Djinn does have a large advantage in terms of range, however.