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All information related to the Terran Probe is non-canon.
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Terran Probe


Tech Room Description

The standard Terran Probe is an all-purpose instrument that can be used in a variety of situations. They are found in missions ranging from unmanned exploration of new systems, to scientific observation of interesting areas of space, to surveying of patrol routes or suspected enemy positions. In a pinch, they can be deployed as communications buoys or as couriers for important messages or scientific data. Their great speed and small size make them useful in battle situations where the enemy will most probably give them a low target prority.

Credits List

  • Model by Dark

Veteran Comments

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This model was created by Dark back in 1999, as seen on the archived website page [1]. It seems to have lain forgotten until the Port (and later the TVWP) added it to their ship collections.

The TDr Firebee is basically the same thing, but with weapons.

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